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Troubleshooting Captive Portal Redirect Page Issues

Captive Portal is setup but the redirect page is not being returned when browsing. There are many reasons why this issue may occur. To troubleshoot the issue check the following items: Captive Portal will only trigger on unidentified source IPs.

Captive Portal Not Redirecting | Wireless Access

Captive Portal Not Redirecting Jump to Best Answer. 1. Captive Portal Not Redirecting. 0 Kudos. maface. Posted Aug 22 2018 02:58 PM. Hello We are changing the ISP for our "Guest" network SSID which is using a captive portal (controller 7205 ArubOS 6.5.3). The clients are getting DHCP from the Firewall which is working (Clients are getting IP ...

Captive portal not redirect | Netgate Forum

@Martí-Ferret said in Captive portal not redirect: not all just i disallow DNS query forwarding like you. When you install pfSense you setup WAN (if needed) and you change nothing the captive portal works. Ok if you change 192.168.1./24 for

Captive Portal Guest Login redirecting not working in ...

The simplest way to test is when the captive portal comes up close it and open the captive portal in chrome or firefox on the andriod phone. If it does the redirect after login then the issue is the CNA. The issue is that the CNA is not handiing the re-direct URL off to the phones default browser.

Captive portal redirect sketch not working as expected ...

Captive portal redirect sketch not working as expected. A friend of mine running a local art museum asked me a favour to make a WiFi captive portal showing a simple map of the location in multiple languages for visitors. I got the standard sketch for the ESP captive portal uploaded data to SPIFFS and tested it. ...

iPhones does not redirect to ISE Guest portal - Cisco ...

On iOS devices the portal doesn't pop up automatically and it refuses to get redirected to the portal if you try to navigate to a page with https (most websites today). If you manually type in a http-adress it gets redirected to the portal. The captive guest portal runs on ISE version with a 5508 WLC version

wifi not working - captive portal login s… - Apple Community

This is a bug in macOS Catalina (still present with the latest patchlevel i.e. 10.15 with the supplemental update from 15th October 2019). For some reason the Captive Portal Assistant (the app that produces the captive portal popup window whenever you connect to a WiFi hotspot) won't start automatically.

How to Solve WiFi HotSpot Login Page Loading Error on ...

In order to connect the public WiFi hotspot successfully with your iPhone you have to go through the WiFi provider's Authentication page (Captive Portal page). Sometime you may be stuck on the authentication page and you won't get any pop-up or load the captive page to proceed.

Redirect to Captive portal is not working with PROXY enabled

Redirection from Captive Portal to Web-Proxy is transparent. Transparent proxy doesn't use authentication. So you can look at proxy access-log to find proxy connections from Captive Portal's guestnet to internet.

What to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can't Connect to a ...

Most public networks use what's called a Captive Portal—it's the authorization page where you accept the place's terms and click "Connect" to access their free Wi-Fi. The problem is many modern browsers have issues redirecting to these captive portals because of new security protocols.


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