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Microsoft.Portal/dashboards - ARM template reference ...

To create a Microsoft.Portal/dashboards resource add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

Create and share dashboards in the Azure portal - Azure ...

Dashboards are a focused and organized view of your cloud resources in the Azure portal. Use dashboards as a workspace where you can quickly launch tasks for day-to-day operations and monitor resources. Build custom dashboards based on projects tasks or user roles for example. The Azure portal provides a default dashboard as a starting point.

The structure of Azure Dashboards - Azure portal ...

For dashboards there is one special tag called hidden-title. If your dashboard has this property populated then it is used as the display name for your dashboard in the portal. Azure resource Ids cannot be renamed but tags can. This tag gives you a way to have a renamable display name for your dashboard.

Programmatically create Azure Dashboards - Azure portal ...

To create a dashboard select Dashboard from the Azure portal menu then select New dashboard. Use the tile gallery to find and add tiles. Tiles are added by dragging and dropping them. Some tiles support resizing by using a drag handle.

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My Insights Dashboard - partner.microsoft.com

My Insights dashboard This one-stop dashboard gives a full view of your Microsoft partnership. Get the full picture The My Insights dashboard makes it easy to quickly see your membership and competency status competency progress benefit consumption and cloud product subscriptions and usage.

Data dashboards templates

Data dashboards templates Understand your data with these great dashboard templates

azure-docs/azure-portal-dashboards-create-programmatically ...

Overview Shared dashboards in the Azure portalare resourcesjust like virtual machines and storage accounts. You can manage resources programmatically by using the Azure Resource Manager REST APIs the Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell commands. Many features build on these APIs to make resource management easier.

Partner with Microsoft

Dashboard. All Microsoft ... Gain access to technology and tools that help your organization build or grow solutions by purchasing a Microsoft Action Pack. Sign in or become a Microsoft partner to get started. Get Action Pack. Join the Microsoft Partner Network. As a Microsoft partner you'll gain instant access to exclusive resources ...

Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

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